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Basic Pranic Healing Course in English

It is with great pleasure to announce that we are having a Basic course in English this June!

Basic Pranic Healing Course
Learn simple techniques to heal yourself and others through Pranic Healing!

. How to feel and see different types of “Prana” and the aura
. How to remove dirty diseased energy from the body and replace it with fresh health prana
. The physiological functions of 11 major chakras
. Scanning – How to diagnose a problem in the body
. Pranic breathing
. Meditation on Twin Hearts
. Law of Karma and Golden Rule – How to get what we want in life using simple law of nature.
. Distant healing
. Self-healing
. Energy Hygiene – How to protect ourselves from unwanted energies around you.
. Learn to heal ailments like arthritis, heart ailments, urinary ailments, gastro-intestinal ailments, hypertension, back pain, respiratory ailments – from cold, cough to asthma and many more simple and complex ailments

June 6&7 Fri-Sat 9am-3:30pm

KD 111
in English Language

To Register kindly pay the fees at our center or you can pay through Knet online

Location: MRG Building, Old Salmiya in front of Mogawhi Stationary 2nd floor

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