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Duration: 2 Days

Cost: 188

Prerequisite: Basic, Advanced, Psychotherapy, Soul, Arhatic Yoga

Kriya$hakti is a Sanskrit word which means “using the power of thought to manifest things in the physical plane”, We are the sum total of our previous decisions and actions, These include our thoughts and emotions

Kriya$hakti trains you how to actively create thoughts and emotions that are conducive to attracting prosperity and abundance. Kriya$hakti also means “materialization through purification”.

Kriya$hakti also trains you how to avoid creating negative thoughts and conditions that manifest hardships and disasters.

You will also learn how to use energy and willpower to destroy hindering thought forms and beliefs.

Is Kriyashakti just visualization and affirmations?

Absolutely not! If these are the only requirements then everyone who can talk and visualize should have anything they want, Kriya$hakti goes beyond by sharing ancient secret formulas for precipitating thoughts into physical reality, This includes never before revealed “mudras” (hand positions) and Eye Positions to accelerate the manifestation of your goals and aspirations.

Kriya$hakti also teaches the Science of Entitlement, This powerful technique allows you to create the conditions that karmically entitle you to have your wishes fulfilled.

What is the benefit of attending both Kriya$hakti and Pranic Feng Shui?

These two courses are designed to work together to create an Inner as well as Outer Environment that will help you to quickly manifest your goals and wishes.