Pranic Psychotherapy

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Pranic Psychotherapy

Duration: One Day

Cost: KD 133

Prerequisite: Advanced Pranic Healing Course

Pranic Psychotherapy in Pranic Healing:

applied in healing and alleviating emotional and psychological ailments. Negative emotions and traumatic experiences are essentially negative thought forms and emotional entities lodged on to the aura and the critical energy centers.

Pranic Psychotherapy

offers you the ability to quickly and safely release these crippling energetic patterns. Negative belief systems and negative thought patterns manifest as dirty or unwholesome thought forms/entities floating in the subtle bodies. These energies are often difficult to release, requiring months or even years of traditional psychotherapy to experience any improvement.

In Pranic Psychotherapy

the healer uses advanced energetic extraction techniques on the affected chakras so phobias, compulsions and addictions can be alleviated in a very short time. This is done without the recipient having to reveal any potentially embarrassing personal information. It is not uncommon that in just the first session, a phobia is 70-90% healed. In fact, during class time we encourage the students to do their best to completely remove real life emotional issues that their partners have.


  • Self Healing for tension, irritability, grief and anxiety
  • Repairing damaged/cracked Chakra Protective Webs to prevent future intrusions
  • Purge negative programming acquired during childhood that could be holding you from success
  • Remove the negative seed thoughts of drug and alcoholism by using PRANIC PSYCHOTHERAPY  everyday after children come home from school
  • Healing the effects of Psychic Attacks -when left untreated could cause anxiety attacks, irritability, bad luck or even financial ruin!
  • Shielding techniques to protect your chakras, aura and other possessions Remove the negative influences (envy,  jealousy, anger etc.) of other people
  • Extraction and disintegration of negative energies and patterns of compulsive behaviors, phobias, addictions – smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, food and sugar addictions, depression.