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Ever since May AlNajjar was a young girl she always wondered about meditation especially because of Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) story when he went to the cave in Hiraa… They say he meditated but no one explained to her how and what it is, in the Quran it was also mentioned many times how we should look at the mountains and meditate on its creation she was looking but nothing happened she didn’t understand… She also had a passion for healing as every time someone complained of pain she gets so frustrated and feels helpless that she cant help them.. During her study in Boston while becoming a Biomedical Engineer she got introduced to meditation and finally knew what it meant to meditate and how to do it and it was a life transforming moment! Many of her worries fear and depression started to subside she learned how to truly connect with her inner power and how to connect to God! She felt the joy the deep contentment and the love of God. She came back to Kuwait and continued her meditation and in 2007 she learned healing modalities to so she can help others.. In 2009 she quit her job from Ahmadi Hospital to be a full time Healer, Instructor, and meditation facilitator.

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